Leadership implies mentorship

Good leaders don’t ask, they guide.

Raphaël Reiter


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“We like to say that we don’t get to choose our parents, that they were given by chance — yet we can truly choose whose children we’d like to be.” — Seneca

Seneca is saying that you cannot go against the laws of nature and choose your parents… That’s sometimes unfortunate, but it is the way it is. However, you can choose whose children you would like to be — you get to choose who you learn from, who inspires you, and who can be your guide and mentor.

I take my favorite authors and philosophers as my mentors. I try to ask: what would Marcus do? What would Seneca do? What would I do if I could be and act as the optimum, best version of myself?

Whether you like it or not, when you are in a leadership position, you will be in a mentorship position. Leadership implies mentorship. You will not boss people around into doing things; you will guide them, accompany them, teach them, and LEAD them.

We must be mindful of that as it usually is a considerable responsibility. The way you guide and lead will determine the level of performance of your team but also shape their careers and work ethics. It can go as far as shaping their personal lives and relationships.

And so, this is something that we need to take extremely seriously. Remember that there are no bad teams, just bad leaders.

Bonus thought: I am a big LFC fan, always have been, so I am biased. But look at their recruiting strategy — it’s off the charts. They can recruit average to good players at fair prices and turn them into superstars that perfectly fit the team and game philosophy. Do you want to learn more about leadership? Watch Jurgen Klopp, and listen to his press conferences. ;) Up the Reds!

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